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With Novelty Counterfeit Documents 24Hour Online, You can Be Able  To be a “Ghost USA Citizen“!!! Meaning You can Be Able To Collect Salaries Paid DIRECTLY into Your Bank Account AS if you were working in the USA !


NOTE: on the subject Put “special promotion service” while filling the form

"Words From Happy Clients"

We were provided successful advice which made our application successful…Great service.

As a Syrian businessman, I applied for a second citizenship to be able to travel easily without worrying about the risk of a visa rejection. With all the changing visa policies around the world, I thought having a second passport would make it easier to travel, visit exhibitions and conduct my business without any hassles.

The first time I used my passport, I traveled to France. It was amazing – I just entered with no questions. I didn’t expect it to be so smooth – I thought I would be questioned about why I got the citizenship and my investment, but I didn’t face any issue. It has been really amazing.

I processed my citizenship with Novelty Counterfeit Documents because I like the management and respect them. Novelty Counterfeit Documents are very professional, when you meet her you can trust her straightaway. I was worried before meeting them because in this industry you meet many people who can give you a fake passport or are not trustworthy. With Novelty Counterfeit Documents,they know what they are doing. If any of my friends tell me they are interested in investing in a second passport, I just say to them, forget the other offers and go to Novelty Counterfeit Documents Why? Because they understand the value of time

– I was told my security clearance would take 2 months and it was completed in 2 months, I was told it would take a month after approval to get my passport and that’s what it took. The team is very good with following up and anytime I contact Novelty Counterfeit Documents, I always get an answer.

Order submitted online 2 June 2017 For Drivers Licence . Prepayment was made on 3 June. The process completed by 5 June and new passport delivered today 12 June. Tracked all the way of delivery – Fantastic service.

We’ve been working with these guys for the past year and have been consistently impressed with their work.

Would highly recommend this company, don’t bother with the others, they’re not as good by a long way. The all workers with me drafting the final copy of my documents was exemplary. The customer service i received was second to none, all my requests were catered for without question. There was a last minute alteration needed by me through a miscommunication which they attended to speedily and reprinted and sent out again (twice), free of charges. The whole process has been excellent and I will be back here to make the order with several other documents, but it looks very good from what I’ve seen so far.

I received my documents and hurry to write this comment. British passport just looks great. I compared with the document of my friend and its absolutely no different. All holograms and watermarks stand in their places. I am very satisfied, because I was opened an good credit account with the bank for two hours. By the way, I could do this with my Indian passport for more than a year.

Hi Team,

Thanks for being the best immigration agent:) It’s great working with you. Happy holidays to you and your family.

We had yet another incredible travel at the United Kingdom at this time. Our happy place.


I don’t usually post reviews; however, because this travel experience was so exceptional and the level of service provided was so good – I am going to post this review.

To begin, I found Primary Documents( online and because they were a “foreign” (read as “not based in the US”) company, I was skeptical and hesitant to proceed.
However, after speaking with their staff, specifically the agent helping me , and after receiving very professional informational answers about the company and their services I chose to proceed.
I was looking for a “travel and work agency with registered VISA” for Switzerland, and although there are high end travel agencies in the US that can book in Switzerland, those agencies did not have the flexibility, nor the local knowledge to customize the trip that “Primary Documents” was able to put together for me.

I applied a one year working VISA for my family, the majority with international companies, and definitively nice appartments to stay (as this was my families first time to Switzerland and I wanted to make sure they were comfortable).

After multiple conversations and e-mail’s, customer support put together a world class trip. I am a very seasoned traveler and concede that without their help, it would have been an impossibility to organize and book they trip and itinerary they put together for me.
I highly recommend the company and their agents. They are definitively a professional company and anyone that has any hesitation about booking with a company outside of the US – don’t worry at all. They did a great job and I absolutely recommend “Primary Documents”.

Everything went very fast. No waiting time. The person who served us was friendly and efficient. We had to make an urgent TOEFL  application service because we traveled within two weeks. To do this we had to fill in the application and provide the photos. Once this was done, we had wait. The whole process has been done in less than one week. We are really satisfied.

Just wanted to say many thanks for helping me set up an amazing new identification card and passport! All of the documents are perfect for travel.

We have much fond memories and can’t thank you enough!

Can’t wait to make and get my next orders.

Thanks again!